Com-Col: Needs, Vision, Strategy

In smaller, isolated or “island” communities, community leaders often are forced to rely entirely on local resources, both human and financial, to develop and implement solutions to complex social challenges.

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Com-Col Mission: Strengthen Communities

To strengthen and empower communities so that they might better serve the diverse needs of their citizens.

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The Founding Com-Col Communities

The founding communities of Communities Collaborating are located in California (Nevada City and Grass Valley) and Maine (Harpswell). More “island” communities are being invited to join our organization.

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Communities Collaborating

Community Capital: The Resources for Sustained Collaboration

The Communities Collaborating Program is embedded in a commitment to the expansion of community capital as a means of sustained community renewal. Community capital incorporates three elements that are found in or holds the potential to be found in each participating league community: Natural, Human and Social, Financial and Institutional.


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Applying to Become a Com-Col Community


The Focal Projects of Com-Col

Human Services

One of the domains in which the Board of Directors of Communities Collaborating has initially decided to focus its energy and expertise is human services.

Specifically, Com-Cal is addressing (through collaboration) the challenge of enabling senior members of the participating communities to remain in their homes.

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The second domain in which the Communities Collaborating Board of Directos has chosen to focus is community history and culture (in the visual and performing arts).

Challenges in the domain of community culture that are being addressed by Com-Cal concern the building and enhancing of vibrant cultural hubs in the participating communities.

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The deTocqucville Project


The de Tocqueville Project concerns the conditions required for the formation and maintenance of a Community of Heart.


The Com-Col Board of Directors

Performance Fact Sheet

Communities Collaborating is established as a Non-Profit Organization in the State of Maine and is applying for Non-Profit Status with the United States Government.


Annual Report

Currently, two major publications are directly aligned with (and in part produced by) Communities Collaborating. These publications are housed, at the present time, in the Library of Professional Coaching:

Sage: The Wisdom of Community Leadership

Caring Deeply: Engaging the Four Roles of Life-Fulfilling Generativity


The Quarterly Com-Col Newsletter


Library of Professional Psychology

Library of Professional Coaching

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