COVID-19 Global Psychology Task Force: Hope and Action

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COVID-19 Global Psychology Task Force: Hope and Action

The Global Psychology Task Force
Assists in Guiding Actions
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COVID-19 Global Psychology Task Force: Hope and Action

Virtual Assistance by the Global Psychology Task Force
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COVID-19 Global Psychology Task Force: Hope and Action

Bridging the differences and fears in communities
.to ensure and sustain Care
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COVID-19 Global Psychology Task Force: Hope and Action

Sharing and engaging diverse perspectives
regarding the psychology of intimate care.
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Caring for our Children

Featured Document: Activity and Learning: How Do We Achieve Both for our Stay-At-Home Children

Parents face new challenges–serving as caring guardians of our children’s welfare (regardless of their age) and teachers (with our children staying at home) and boundary-setters (everyone stays home). Advice and support are offered regarding these roles.

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The Pandemic Challenge: Hope and Action

Com-Col Mission: Strengthen Communities

The Forum: Psychological Perspectives on Formulation and Enactment of Pandemic Policies

Resources on this website concern our health (and the health of those we care about), our head (critical thinking) and our heart (finding support and the capacity to care for our self and those we love).

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Caring for our Parents

Featured Document: The Tug of War Toy

We may face virus-related challenges of the “sandwich generation”–parenting both our children and our parents. If our parents are still alive (and vulnerable to the virus) we must provide support and sometimes set boundary. Advice and support are offered for your sandwiching.

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The Virus: Re-envisioning our Home and Family

Featured Document: The Family Project

With the virus-related request (even requirement) that all members of our family stay home for an extended period of time, we hold the challenge (and opportunity) of re-inventing (or at least trying out) new ways to operate as a family. We can find ways to be supportive of one another during this highly-stressful period, to share experiences (perhaps eating more meals together) and to celebrate what we are as a family. Our home need never be the same again–even after the virus has moved on. We offer advice and support for this family re-envisioning process.

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Asking for Help from Members of the Global Psychology Task Forc


COVID-19 Policy: Right Train? Right Track?

Our Views

Featured: Covid-19 Policy

We offer diverse opinions about the virus response in the Unites States and elsewhere in the world. These differing perspectives allow us to access the deeper fears and hopes of our global community–this is a psychology of the social conscious (and unconscious) that can help inform our own participation in community and national affairs.

Our Actions

Featured: The New Neighborhoods

Given our individual and collective fears and hopes regarding the complex, unpredictable and turbulent world of virus-related health care, what do we do to address these fears and hopes — so that we don’t remain frozen in a state of inaction (the worst possible response to a traumatic experience such as the virus.) We offer advice and services.

Links to Major Coronavirus Resources


We offer a list of resources (with links) other than what we are providing. This list will keep expanding as Task Force members identified additional sites of value — especially those related to the psychological aspects of the pandemic challenge.


Members of the Global Psychology Task Force

Performance Fact Sheet

We provide a list of the currently-enrolled members of the Task Force. This list will be frequently updated as additional experienced human service professionals from around the world join us. We provide the Task Force members name, geographic region and email address.


Major Task Force Essays

Annual Report

We offer links to essays that Task Force members have published in the Library of Professional Psychology and Library of Professional Coaching that concern the Pandemic crisis we are now facing.

Videocast and Essay regarding the role that can be played by Professional Coaches in Confronting the Virus:


The Latest Posts

We are constantly adding new resources to address a constantly changing health crisis.


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