Salus: Health Care Forum Participants

Salus: Health Care Forum Participants

Jeremy Fish, MD

Avatar photoJeremy is a Family Medicine Specialist practicing in the State of California with over 31 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Fish serves as program director and co-founder of the John Muir Family Medicine Residency Program. He was the California Association of Family Physician’s 2020 Family Physician of the Year. Jeremy Fish received this recognition in part because he “models the way for family medicine residents by providing exceptional care in a state-of-the-art, team-based care model he designed and shepherded through accreditation”. The CAFP citation continues. Dr. Fish “embodies all that the award recognizes: a family physician who presents the finest characteristics of family medicine and is directly and effectively involved in public service and activities that enhance the quality of life for patients and communities in California. Despite having many years of clinical experience under his belt, Jeremy Fish remains a humble practitioner with healthy curiosity and an enjoyment of learning which he loves to share with both medical students and residents. As a physician leader, Jeremy is willing to be on the cutting edge and traverse difficult, yet rewarding, pathways to advance Family Medicine.”


William Bergquist, Ph.D.

Bill is an international coach and consultant in the fields of psychology, management and public administration, author of more than 50 books, and president of a psychology institute. Dr. Bergquist consults on and writes about personal, group, organizational and societal transitions and transformations. His published work ranges from the personal transitions of men and women in their 50s and the struggles of men and women in recovering from strokes to the experiences of freedom among the men and women of Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Soviet Union. In recent years, Bergquist has focused on the processes of organizational coaching. He is coauthor with Agnes Mura of coachbook, co-founder of the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations and co-founder of the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations.


Perry Pugno, M.D.

Following a tour of duty with the National Health Service Corps, Perry Pugno entered the sphere of graduate medical education as a residency director for more than 20 years.  He has worked in training programs from California to Connecticut, including public, private and university-sponsored settings. Perry has added experience as the director of a trauma center, hospital chief medical officer, county public health officer, and medical director of a regional health plan. Perry was the founding chair of the National Institute for Program Director Development.  His previous experience in corporate physician leadership and managed care was as the Vice-President for Graduate Medical Education and Medical Affairs with Catholic Healthcare West.

Perry served as the Vice President for Education for the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) for 15 years where he was responsible for AAFP initiatives related to medical school, graduate, and continuing medical education, including direction for national workforce policy and medical education advocacy. An author of more than 100 peer-reviewed publications in clinical medicine, education and medical ethics, Perry currently reviews manuscripts for multiple medical journals.

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