Communitas: Quarterly Newsletter of Coaching Communities Collaborating {Issue One: Spring 2022]

Communitas: Quarterly Newsletter of Coaching Communities Collaborating {Issue One: Spring 2022]

This is the first Communitas newsletter of the newly created Coaching Communities Collaborating–or just as often called Collaborating Coaching Communities. Take your pick. It is all about the Three Cs. However, you choose to order the three words.
The Three Cs website has been re-purposed from one that has served multiple functions – most recently serving as the website for our recently completed New Executive Coaching Summit (NECS). This summit has produced many documents (both written and video-recorded) that will begin to appear not only on this website, but also in other digital and printed publications, such as the Library of Professional Coaching (LPC) and choice Magazine.

As you will note when linking to various documents related to this website, there is usually only one document or only one site related to each of the “communities” featured on this Three Cs website. These single documents and sites are “place-holders” for the many other documents and sites that will be featured on Communities Collaborating. This is intended to be a rich, diverse source of information regarding learning opportunities, services, resources and opportunities for establishing and enhancing relationships with other professional coaches. I will soon be asking you to make your own contribution to Three C.

I will close this first, brief newsletter by inviting you to review not only the documents and sites to which I have provided links, but also the basic conceptual framework for Three Cs. As you will see, I offer a diverse set of related metaphors from several different cultures and time periods in portraying the nature and purpose of this website: quad, commons, plaza, mall, agora, internet, and convergence. They all relate to the basic notion of communities (people, institutions, collaborations) coming together to form a powerful, sustained force for good—such as is needed in the contemporary, interdisciplinary field of professional psychology.

William Bergquist
Caretaker of Coaching Communities Collaborating

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  • On May 12, 2022
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