New brain science and executive coaching

New brain science and executive coaching

Theme: New brain science and executive coaching

Does our increased knowledge of how the brain and our entire biology operates confirm our existing executive coaching perspectives and practices, or does this knowledge make a real difference in our coaching practices? If so, what difference does this new knowledge make?

Neuroscience Research and Executive Coaching

Video recording of report on findings from the survey regarding Neuroscience Research and Implications for Executive Coaching. Click on link associated with Neuroscience title.

ICCO Symposium

One of the first reviews of neuroscience findings and executive coaching occurred at a symposium on this topic held by the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations (ICCO). The review was framed as a set of “animation” questions for deliberation by those attending this ICCO Symposium:

Coaching and Neuroscience Research Findings

Library of Professional Coaching

An entire issue of The Future of Coaching (located in the Library of Professional Coaching: LPC) is devoted to this theme. Marcia Rubin serves as guest editor:

The Neuroscience of Coaching

Here are several other LPC essays related to this theme:

When Coaching and Allied Neuorscience Intersect

The New Science of Neurocoaching

The Neuroscience of Coaching Motivation

The Neuroscience of Coaching and Stress

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